Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's rant

Let's rant a little, shall we?

What would you like to rant about?  My top 10 peeves.

  1. Congress can't get ANYTHING accomplished and they are always, always "out of the office".
  2. Football isn't football without making the quarterback play like a real football player and take the hits (Ben does).
  3. Big banks.  Yeah, B of A backed off of their debit card fees, but they will find something else to makeup the difference (I am still in the process of leaving).
  4. The "Good Ole Boy" network.  We have that here with our school board, sheriff, and law enforcement community.
  5. Standing daily status meetings.  There is really nothing significant to report on every day.
  6. Slow poke drivers that won't get out of the left lane.
  7. People that can't park between the lines.  Not my fault if your doors get scratched by my already paid off vehicle.
  8. Walking on the left side of the hallway, sidewalk, etc.  Didn't your mother teach you to always stay to the left and pass on the right?
  9. Spam.  If I opt out or unsubscribe, then, damn it, take me off the list.
  10. People that wear clothes that really are, um, unbecoming.  I'm not interested in seeing that tire around your waist.
Just my 2 cents.

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