Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lying on the tiled floor of the bottom level of the station were 2 green gloves. They looked like the kind nurses or doctors would wear. They were about 20 feet apart and appeared to be turned inside out, from my vantage point.

Murder on the Metro (take 2)

How about a series? Murder on the Orange Line, Murder on the Blue Line, Murder on the Yellow Line, Murder on the Green Line, and Murder on the Red Line. (Eventually a Murder on the Purple Line, so they have planned).

I like that idea. Set in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. 5 different killers. Or, let's stop and think. Maybe one book, 5 major sections? Hmmm, think, think, think.

At least its in writing, I have something to start with. (and this is my copyrighted material - see the bottom of my page)


starts tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my first post will be mobile while I am riding in on the bus or metro. Can't wait, hope I can get through the whole month.

Murder on the Metro

New series? Totally dependent on the metro, doesn't own a car? Always a 1/2 mile or so away from a metro station? Gotta think about this one. Download the metro station map and plot it out. Rename the stations and cities and roads.


Steely McBeam

I like this mobile blogging. I can finish the paper and not have enough time to get into my book while still on the metro, but have time for a few posts.
well, not sure how we pulled it off, went to bed at halftime (4:30 comes real early), but the Steelers won in overtime - over baltimore. YEAH!

Monday, September 29, 2008

So i started back at the gym tonight, yeah! and of course i'm only gone an hour, can't take my phone in the gym, and there is a slight emergency at home. more latr.

So the emergency was that the cops came to the house, a neighbor (who is totally wacko) called the cops on my son. For whatever reason, she has issues with him. Thinks he picks on her kids, tells him that pointing at her house is illegal, won't let the boys get the football out of her front yard when it accidentally goes there. We live on a court and everyone has had issues with this freak. She flies down the street in her van, without regard for all the little kids that live on the street and may be outside playing. Just once I want her to come to me if she "thinks" my kids have done something. I'll tell her what a freak she is and how much she is off her rocker. The cop that showed up even told her that this was not something they should have been called on. My 2 boys and a couple of the other boys were just standing there staring (ok, they were trying to be intimidating I suppose, and they probably shouldn't have been doing it), and she freaked out and went to call the cops. My husband was home, he watched the whole thing go down. She is a witch and a coward. Come on and confront me with my kids "bad" things they do, see what that will get you. (It would probably get me a visit by the cops).
Easy, boring Monday. Non-descript metro and bus ride. Kick-off at 8:30pm, can't wait.

Here is our family room during football season. We have NFL ticket and of course, have to watch as many games as possible. We also have another TV in the living room (mainly for the kids)(and we won't talk about the TVs in the bedrooms).

Welcome to Monday

For a Monday, today isn't too bad. I didn't stay up late watching football, actually fell asleep in my recliner and put myself to bed at 10 (no idea how long I had already slept). Tonight, finally, my Steelers play. GO STEELERS!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

so...back at the bar, you'd think i was an alcoholic, that's funny. i'm bored to tears, i want my team to play today.
Its football Sunday, but not for my team. We only have 4 1:00 games this season, that sucks. I hate waiting; I only want 1:00 games. Go STEELERS!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am sitting at the bar listening to our semi-drunk "friend" argue with my husband about everything. She moves from topic to topic with no notice and no reason. It is annoying.
(snippet) how do i create a subject via my voyager. i tried to with this message by putting snippet in parens. guess we will see if that works.

Pitt wins!

okay, they came back and won 34-24, GO PITT!

the weekend

I am really liking having my own blog, I never thought I would. I thought there wasn't time to write, that I would have to create these huge long diatribes and wouldn't know what to say, but this is kinda cool. I know, I'm weird. I love the fact that I can be sitting at the bar, or in the car, or just in a room without a computer and I can write a few random things in a text message and poof, hit the send button and its here. No, I am not computer illiterate, I work with computers, I develop systems and applications, I guess I am just amazed at myself for wanting to do this. THANK YOU BLOGGER!

So my kids are at VillageFest, B will probably be there all day, J will be back and forth. First, J has no money and didn't ask for any, so he will definitely be back. I took B and bought his all day wristband, he didn't want any money for food, probably because his shorts don't have pockets and he didn't want to carry it. He even gave me his phone to bring home. He said he'll use someone else's when he's ready to come home. He can walk home, its not far at all, he's just a little lazy.

So the would-be murderer/novelist them is starting to grow on me, I've been thinking about it alot. Thinking doesn't get me anywhere though, I should be carrying my notebook with me instead of a book to read when I go sit at the quiet bar. I think its called motivation (or fear). Maybe I don't want to be rejected. I'll get there, I know I will, I'm closer than I ever was before. Hey, I'm blogging, that's a start. And I am going to take part in NaBloPoMo, if I can accomplish that, I will feel very good.

And its officially hunting season, which means my husband will be gone alot. Then I won't feel so guilty for doing nothing. Not that writing and reading are nothing, but according to him, at the moment he doesn't know what I am planning, they are not getting anything done.

Someday, it will surprise him. Matter of fact, about a week ago, he asked me why I didn't just write a book instead of reading all the time. I told him I was planning on it and I think it caught him a little off guard. Maybe he didn't know whether or not I was serious, so he dropped the subject. Go me!
good afternoon, its saturday. how can pitt be losing to syracuse, they are the crapiest team in football. come on pitt, step it up!
come home now

Friday, September 26, 2008

Good morning sunshine. (okay its actually gloomy and raining outside)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't quit your day job. After work he goes down the street to his favorite bar. Okay, it really is a family restaurant, but you can still smoke in the bar. This is his spot for people watching. That's useful in his line of work.
so how come some of my posts from my voyager end up like the previous post? What's with all those goofy characters. That's not what my phone sent. This has happened a couple of times to me. What's the problem?
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so how is this idea: a horror writer has to try out the bad things before he writes about them in his new book? and this idea is copyrighted..2008
just finished with my interview, it would be a great position. now i am back on metro heading back to west falls church metro to retrieve my jeep. ttfn.
okay, so I have an interview today. YEAH! Wish me luck, I want this job. It is with the Department of the Interior. I am sort of nervous, I hate that part.

And finally, the shows have returned. Tonight is the return of Grey's Anatomy, its been awhile. I don't see Private Practice or Dirty Sexy Money anywhere, but then again, I haven't really looked very hard.

Have to go to the library so I better get going so I can get back home in time to get dressed for my interview......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


and finally, the first hand drawn version of what may be my future book's city.


This is a specific street layout (way still in draft).


A 1st very rough draft of the future Ashen.
yes! it did work. cool, look out mobile, this could be dangerous. and what the heck timezone is it posting in? gotta figure that out next.
take 2....did it work?
i did try to send a post via my voyager but its not here yet. maybe i'm a little impatient or just plain bored. i'll check back later.....

welcome to me

I'm new here, yeah, welcome to me. I have no idea why I wanted a blog, I just did. Someday I want to write a book. I have started bits and pieces of it and thought if I got in the habit of putting some random thoughts down in writing that would help. And what better way than being able to just shoot them to a blog, hopefully via mobile.