Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alone again

All alone in my office. Very quiet, I like it. With not much work to do (meaning none at all), its going to be a long, boring, quiet, boring day. Lots of surfing, maybe a little bit of development, ooooh, maybe I'll upgrade the template on here. Good idea!

Thinking of going to Charlestown tomorrow (my AWS day). Should I or should I not? I'll probably wait until the morning to decide.

I like this picture -----> Isn't he cute, I don't know where I found him, somewhere on the internet, of course. So I give credit to "unknown source".

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

F My Life Wednesday

Wow, I think I missed a day or 2. Did you know that my Pittsburgh Penguins rock? PENS RULE! and they will smash the Crapitals.

and it is Wednesday, so ....... complements of F My Life.

"Today, I decided to smoke a cigarette while I was driving to work. I was also eating french fries during the drive. I had never realized how much a cigarette feels like a french fry, cigarettes don't taste very good when you bite into them. FML"

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Way to go Pens! On to the next round, sent the Fliers golfing, GO PENGUINS!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Tough game today. At the moment it is tied. What is cool is that the crappy Fliers were up 3-0 and we came back and tied it. We actually should be winning, but it just didn't go. One period to go, GO PENS!

Last night's block party was a success. Everyone parked themselves in my neighbor's driveway. Chairs, tables, grill, everything. It was a lot of fun and yes, most of us were wasted before the night was over. What it did do was keep us from the bar, which meant no money wasted. Everyone made or bought things to bring, which was much, much less than the money that would have been spent at the bar. We are thinking of doing this more often. Its so cool to just get all the neighbors to let down their hair. And the kids have a ball. We are thinking of doing this for 4th of July, out in the middle of the circle, and blocking the street down at the end.

It is 96 degrees outside right now, how is this spring? Our spring always seem to last about 3 days and all of a sudden it's summer. Oh well.

Have a great Saturday!


Friday, April 24, 2009


Yippee, I made it through a whole week of 9 hour days, okay, still got 6 hours to go in today's work day, but that's okay. The weather is awesome outside, it is going to be a great weekend.

My neighbors are having a block party tonight. Technically it is a block party for Neighborhood Watch of which my neighbor heads up one of the "locations". We are considered in the Purple Zone. So anyhow, the Neighborhood Watch organization, via my neighbor is having a block party. What this means is that all of the adults will be drunk and watching our kids vandalize and tear things up. Cool, they don't have to sneak behind our backs tonight.

I need a cartoon to insert here ----->

Maybe later.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I started taking that so-called wonder drug "Alli" on Monday. I am taking it because I want to lose some weight. I am not fat and I have read that it may not work for me because I am not overweight. But why shouldn't it work? What's the difference between needing to lose 100 pounds or wanting to lose 10? I want to lose 6 to be exact, but 11 would be great, I just can't get these few pounds off.

So anyhow, I started taking the pills on Monday. I really haven't had any "treatment effects", have been a little loose at times (trying not to be crude - if you know about Alli, you know what I'm not saying). Anyhooooo, I've lost 1 stinking pound. Is it worth it, I don't know, I'll keep at it and see where it goes from here. It doesn't have any other side effects that I know of, no jitters, heart racing, anything like that. So here goes.

Tonight, again, is a hockey night. My Penguins can take the other side of the state out and kick them back to the ghetto where they belong. Go PENS!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pittsburgh Penguins

GO PENS! Yes, they did. They won last night. We are now up 3-1 in the series over that other state's team. GO PENS!

F My Life

Yep, its that day again. Complements of "F My Life".

"Today, I wanted to change out of my bikini for the ride home from the beach. There wasn't a bathroom near, so I went to change in front of a suburban, parked far away from all of the people. I took off my suit, hear the car's horn honk, only to find that the car was completely packed with old men. FML"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sleep is optional

Why is sleep optional? I don't know, but I do know that if you choose that option, life is miserable. I am still dead tired from getting no sleep Sunday night. I had enough last night but I guess the deficit was just too large.

Another nice day here in the capital, I thought it was supposed to rain again, but obviously I thought wrong. Or did I? We still have about 5 hours til dark, anything is possible.

Ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble. And take that!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

It is pouring outside, looks nice from the windows, and the grass is probably loving it, but walking in it is just YUCK! I feel bad that the boys have to walk and stand at the bus stop getting super soaked, I'm sure.

So can you survive on 3 hours (actually a little less) of sleep? I can't and I am feeling it bad now. I can't stand it when I am woken up and then can't get back to sleep. I did manage to fall back asleep about 45 minutes before the alarm went off. It just sucks.

So my Penguins lost last night, but they are still up 2-1 in this playoff series. Go PENS!

Friday, April 17, 2009

How are you doing today?

So today was my compressed day and the weather was awesome. I went up to Charlestown and did some gambling and it was actually a good gambling day. After buying 2 rum and cokes and a slice of pizza, I came home with 7 dollars more than I took. That's a great gambling day.

My Penguins are trying to make it 2 games to none over the Flyers right now, but they are down 1 - 0. Come on Pens!

All I had to do was put that in writing and it made my Pens score. YEAH! Tied game. Go Pens!

Hubby and I just came back from a party. A friend turned 40 today. We drove about half a mile and walked around the lake to their townhouse. It was nice. Hubby is still there. He will just walk to the bar after that and then come home early. I came home to watch my Pens and I will go out later. Hubby wants to be home early because he is going Turkey hunting tomorrow.

Yes, we are getting along at the moment. We are working on it. We have to, I really do love him.

Have a great Friday, though it really seems like Saturday because I was off. Its nice.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did this post from my blackberry?

As you can see, I love testing out technology. And this blog is part of my playground.

TGIF (for a Thursday)

Well, I tried to send a post via email from my BlackBerry at 6:00am this morning, and as you can obviously not see, it didn't show up. In that post I was ranting and raving about technology, well, I take it back. Screw it.

So today is my Friday. Remember, I now have the wonderful compressed schedule to work from. WooHoo! And the weather is going to be great today (for a Friday) and then my 2 Saturdays are also supposed to be sunny, warm, and wonderful. (I hate when I use a big word twice in the same paragraph.)

So when is your Friday?

Oh yeah, holy crap how could I forget? GO PENS! My Penguins won the first playoff game against that team from another state (Philadelphia). We rock and we looked awesome, the Fliers looks like crap, which they are.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Testing the "new" email posting

For whatever reason, I have not been able to blog via my email.  So this is a test, this is only a test.  And this one is from my computer, I'll blog again later from my BlackBerry.  So there.  Let's see how this goes.


F My Life

It's Wednesday. (credit to the Fmylife site)

Today, I took the bus to work and a sweet old lady got on after me and sat next to me. Halfway to work, she fell asleep and her head was on my shoulder. Trying to be nice, I gently tried to wake her up before my stop came. She wasn't sleeping. I let a dead woman lie on me for 30 minutes. FML.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is a rainy, dreary Tuesday. I don't really mind it that much, especially since I am at work and #2 son did mow both the front and back yards yesterday. And it was done before I got home from work. Will wonders never cease? Go grass!

So I continued spending my bit of play money from the tax man. Last night I took the boys to Best Buy and B got his iPod Touch (now we all have one), J got a couple of games for his XBox 360, and.......I got a laptop. Its a Dell Studio, Midnight Blue, Wifi, Vista, webcam, etc. It is a great laptop for home and so easy to use since I don't have to hook it up anywhere. Yes, another toy, I admit, I'm spoiled sometimes. And so are my boys.

So what new toys have you bought recently?

Monday, April 13, 2009

All Hail Monday

Whatever. Its the start of my compressed work schedule, I know in reality it is only 1/2 hour longer (since I was coming in at 7 every day anyhow), but come 4:00, 4:30 is going to seem like a mile away. I know that its just all in the head, but it definitely will be all in the head. That's okay, come Friday, I won't even remember how hard it was to get there.

So my Penguins (Pittsburgh) are in the playoffs again. Maybe, hopefully, probably? we can get back to the cup finals and not lose it this year in straight games. Evgeni Malken won the Hart trophy (I think its the Hart). He had the most points in the league, hahahaha, beat out yucky Ovechken. (naa naa na naa naa)

Well this weekend was an okay weekend, got some things accomplished, visited my hubby's sister and family to see his grandmother. She is 97 years old, looking a little frail, but still hanging in there. Probably the last time she will come down from New York, yes, she is still traveling every couple of months to visit family here in Virginia from New York. Well, I'm thinking its time that family starts traveling to New York. She can't handle doing this anymore.

And Happy belated Easter, though it is Easter Monday. The kids are off of school, it is a teacher workday. But back to the grind tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Friday, April 10, 2009


or maybe not, I have no desire to go home after work. Yes, its that bad. How would you like to have baking soda (a big box) thrown all over your kitchen. What a fuckin jackass. Why am I still there? It just sucks.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Seriously, I can't stand hearing about the f'ing Yankees! I like them, I really do, but gosh, does the media have to make such a big deal out of everything they do?

First, let's put this in perspective, I am a Pirates' fan (yes, I admit it), I like the Yankees next (don't ask), and my hubby is a die-hard Yankees' fan (so believe me when I say I hear enough shit). Who cares how much money Steinbrenner spends, just like the dumb Deadskins with Dan Snyder, it can't (and won't) buy them a title. Let it go, who cares what ARod does in the off-season. If he wants to screw Madonna, let him, its his business. And now that the Yankees have lost their first 2 games of the season, its like the Titanic is sinking all over again. Did you know that the Nationals have lost their first 3 games? And, no, I really don't care about that either. How long is the frickin' season?

Give me a break!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

F My Life

Okay, here is my venture: on Wednesdays I will post a new "F My Life" story. Credit goes to them, they have a great site!

Today I bought a new purple shirt and decided to wear it to this charity function I was going to. I thought I looked pretty good in it. Then I got home and realized I left the sticker on. I had an "XL" sticker on my boob all night. FML.

Weird Wednesday

I think I am going to start a new whatever; I'm going to try to have a regular "Weird Wednesday". I haven't thought this through, and don't have any idea what to write about, but I'll find something.

I think I will have to get back to you later. Maybe it will be just a wacky, weird tidbit from the news. That might work. Hmmmm.......

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Morning!

Good morning to Tuesday. Nothing special about today, paid the mortgage this morning. Does that count? Of course it does, it means the mortgage is paid. That is a good thing. Not much else new yet today. I will admit, last night was a good night. That's about all I can say about that right now (TMI if you know what I mean). And I'm not ready to admit anything else.

So the kids come home tomorrow. I do miss them, but I sure do love the down time. A couple more days sure would be nice. I mean its not like they are far away, a whole 8 or 9 miles, that's all.

So the Tar Heels pulled it out, in a big way. I really don't think there was ever any doubt. It was nice that it was Michigan State they were playing (no f'ing UConn), but really, UNC is the more dominant team. (oh yeah, and I do have a Tar Heels night shirt, just for your information).

Have a great day!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Blogging, blogging, and more blogging. Or less as is my case. Really, its not rocket science and it doesn't take hours on end. So, why can't I blog every day? I have to work on this. I did it for a couple of months straight and now, I guess I am just pathetic. Oh well, such is life.

The weekend was nice for a change, nice weather, got completely, totally, terrifically wasted on Saturday and boy did I feel the pain yesterday. I needed that. Sometimes oblivion is preferable to real life. Try it sometime, you might like it.

Have a great Monday and talk at you later.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Okay, its been raining all morning and maybe, hopefully, it looks like it is letting up. Come on sun!

I need a good weekend, I need this crap to end with my husband. I need him back the way he was before, though he has always been an asshole, he wasn't so vindictive and nasty. I really do love him, just can't stand him sometimes. Grow Up husband!

I absolutely love having 2 monitors on my desk attached to my laptop. I just went to the other monitor and emailed my weekly activity report to my boss and then just moved the mouse bursor back to this monitor to finish typing in my blog. How cool! Multi-tasking work and play.

Have a great rest of Friday and a nice weekend. I'm going to try.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


That's how I feel today, just plain old yuck. Not sick, not bad weather, just yuck. I know that it all stems from my personal problems, but dammit, this is enough! I'm just annoyed, hurt, pissed, smart-assy, whiney, and grumpy. Live with it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

April 1, April Fools Day, what does that mean to you? In reality, it means absolutely nothing. Okay, that may not be true for everyone; it might be someone's birthday, anniversary, etc., but to me, it really means absolutely nothing.

So, on the work front: we were told today that we are allowed to work a compressed work schedule, well one of them; the 4-5-9 schedule. That's perfect for me, did that before, just what I want. And it is preferred that we take a Friday or a Monday as our compressed day. Again, not a problem, I want Friday.

What does this mean to you non-gov workers? This will be my schedule for our 2-week pay period:

Week 1 Week 2

M = 9 hrs M = 9 hrs
T = 9 hrs T = 9 hrs
W = 9 hrs W = 9 hrs
T = 9 hrs T = 9 hrs
F = 8 hrs F = OFF

Don't you just love it? I do. Need that extra day off, especially in the summer when the kids are home everyday by themselves. (and yes, they are old enough to stay home by themselves, thanks for questioning.)

Have a great rest of the day.