Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Feels like an early Spring day today (after we got through the morning). I've about had enough of the frigid cold temperatures and dreary looking days, ENOUGH! Spring, I welcome you back and hope you will stay awhile (don't rush off quickly and leave us with Summer just yet). Thanks.

Yes, he's still an asshole.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Out. Out. Out. Pitt is out, didn't make it to the Final 4. Oh well, still a great season, many broken records, and just a terrific team. Way to go Pitt!

So back to....my husband is an asshole. I know you don't want to hear this, and I'm not going to tell you, I'm just pointing out the obvious. My husband is an asshole.

So today is son #2's birthday. He is 15 (aaagghhhhh). We had a good weekend together, me and the boys, they are growing up, and they are just too funny sometimes. At times, very predictable. For example, the minute I step into the house afterwork (~ 5:30pm), I won't even have my coat off and son #3 will already ask "what's for dinner?".

Have a good start to your week. I just have to tiptoe around for 4 more days and then the boys go to their dad's for 5 days and if things aren't better at home, I'm going somewhere.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Happy Friday all! It's close to closing time (okay, going home time) and the weather is pretty decent outside.

How about them Pitt Panthers? Awesome, not a technically sound game, but they find a way. They are the "Beast of the East". Keep it up guys.

Not much else to say today, if you want to leave me a comment, you can tell me what you want me to write about. My brain is just fried today, sorry.

Oh yeah, I did get an iPod Touch. I bought one for my #2 son for his birthday and I liked it soooo much, I had to have one also. Me and my electronic toys, that's what it's all about. But I don't get WiFi reception in my building, imagine that. So I couldn't play with it much today. I'll work on that tonight. Or maybe on the bus on the way home, I can grab some WiFi, download some apps, play some games, and just figure it out.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pitt rocks!
Wow, it has rained pretty much all day today. That hasn't happened in a long time, but I really don't mind it, our grass needs it sooooooo bad. It can rain all the rest of the day, just be nice, sunny, and a little warmer tomorrow.

So more on my laptop at work: for whatever reason I now have admin rights. I don't know how I got them, but they are there. So of course, me, I have to go and play. I reinstalled the apps the helpdesk deleted from the laptop, like Roxio, and WebCam center, AND the fingerprint scanning software. I now don't have to type in my user name and password to log on to the network. I can just scan my finger. How cool is that? And, still playing, I have to install other stuff too. Woo Hoo!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend wrapup

Good Monday morning to everyone. Scary weekend with Pitt, but it ended up okay. I'm thinking it was just practice. So I guess we beat Xavier on Thursday at 7:27pm and then on to the winner of Villanova and Duke. Go PITT!

And it was another uneventful weekend, just a relaxing, sunny, alcohol-laced weekend. I did manage to move my #3 son from one bedroom into another, now we just need to clean up all his toys and stuff. I just moved the major furniture.

How about this cute picture?

Friday, March 20, 2009


March Madness is here!!!!! GO PITT!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Really, I could care less. I don't understand the reason for this holiday except a national (world-wide?) day for drinking. I got a picture sent from asshole husband at 9:30am of one of the waitresses at our local pub. Hmmm, wonder where my husband was at 9:30am while I am slaving away at work. What a dick!

And I'm not Irish, so seriously, don't care.

Monday, March 16, 2009


So we got new laptops for work today. Well, really we received them 2 Thursdays ago and then they had to be imaged. So they are imaged now and have been delivered, but, they now have to be installed with the docking stations. So I called the help desk again and put in this ticket. You would think that when they dropped off the laptops (after being setup and imaged) they would have just installed them and copied over all the data. And that's what you get for thinking. So one of these days, I will have an efficient and fast workstation. Here's hoping.

Have a nice Monday!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ya know, sometimes life just sucks. And I get really tired of it. I have such an ass for a husband, all he ever thinks about is himself or materialistic shit. He needs to grow the fuck up and be a man, be a husband, be a step-dad, and on and on and on. He seriously makes me miserable at times. Sorry, just needed to vent a bit and this is my blog and I can write what I want, when I want, and how I want.

Okay, my #2 son, J, his team won their semi-final game last night, playing against a team and against the refs (they sucked). The championship game is Sunday at 1. Go Spurs!

Have a great day, hope its better than mine is going.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not much ado about nothing. I attended FOSE today. Its been a really long time since I attended and it was actually pretty good. Maybe it was pretty good because I actually have things that I am looking for (after all when you are building a brand new system AND infrastructure, you will need things). So having said that, I also, of course, got my load of freebie things. Not a bad day since my afternoon was filled with meetings and the time has flown.

Have a great evening!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Daylight Saving Time

Early daylight saving time, good or bad? For the second straight day (you can't really count Sunday because most of us sleep in on the weekends), my #3 son can't get out of bed. He can't fall asleep at night at his regular bedtime. I had this problem Sunday night, but Monday night was just fine. Wonder how many people this affects?

So Pitt ended up #2, not fair, they should have been #1. How many teams beat the #1 team TWICE? Not many. In my book, Pitt is #1.

Have you ever created a charter for a project's subproject? We will have 2 of them for our project, actually could be 3 (my decision). One is S's IT Security subproject charter, one is my IT Operations subproject charter, and a potential third could be my Service Desk subproject charter. How do these work? Need to do some more research on this aspect.

Have a good Tuesday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

CHAMPIONS! Yes, my son's bball team won the regular AND yesterday, won the tournament. B was ecstatic and it was a rough game. But in the end, they stayed ahead and won the championship. Way to go Cavs!

In addition, how 'bout them Pitt Panthers?!?!?! They routed UConn yesterday (again beating the #1 team) and had better be in the #1 spot to close the regular season. WAY TO GO PITT!

Today is the last regular season bball game for my son J. His team is currently in first, though if they lose, someone said they would be 2nd. I don't think so, I think they will be tied for 1st and get 1st based on the head-to-head. We'll see. How about if we just win today and not make anyone think. His tournament starts this week. Go Spurs!

Have a good end of the weekend, I am.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Yes, it's Friday! I know I haven't been around here much this week. It's kind of hard to blog when you are sitting in a classroom 9 hours a day and then have kid's basketball games at night. So I have been in ITIL v3.0 Foundations Boot Camp for 3 days. AND I passed my test and am certified! Yeah me. I'm happy for me. It's cool to have certifications and this is one of the certifications that supposedly is high on list of desired tech certs.

So B won his basketball playoff game last night. That means he plays in the semi-finals tonight. When they win tonight, they will be in the championship game tomorrow. Go Cavaliers! And on some other basketball related stuff, Go Pitt! We beat Marquette on Wednesday, play UConn tomorrow and that is the end of the regular season (boo hoo). Then its on to the Big East Tournament, Go Pitt!