Monday, September 29, 2008

So i started back at the gym tonight, yeah! and of course i'm only gone an hour, can't take my phone in the gym, and there is a slight emergency at home. more latr.

So the emergency was that the cops came to the house, a neighbor (who is totally wacko) called the cops on my son. For whatever reason, she has issues with him. Thinks he picks on her kids, tells him that pointing at her house is illegal, won't let the boys get the football out of her front yard when it accidentally goes there. We live on a court and everyone has had issues with this freak. She flies down the street in her van, without regard for all the little kids that live on the street and may be outside playing. Just once I want her to come to me if she "thinks" my kids have done something. I'll tell her what a freak she is and how much she is off her rocker. The cop that showed up even told her that this was not something they should have been called on. My 2 boys and a couple of the other boys were just standing there staring (ok, they were trying to be intimidating I suppose, and they probably shouldn't have been doing it), and she freaked out and went to call the cops. My husband was home, he watched the whole thing go down. She is a witch and a coward. Come on and confront me with my kids "bad" things they do, see what that will get you. (It would probably get me a visit by the cops).

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