Saturday, September 27, 2008

the weekend

I am really liking having my own blog, I never thought I would. I thought there wasn't time to write, that I would have to create these huge long diatribes and wouldn't know what to say, but this is kinda cool. I know, I'm weird. I love the fact that I can be sitting at the bar, or in the car, or just in a room without a computer and I can write a few random things in a text message and poof, hit the send button and its here. No, I am not computer illiterate, I work with computers, I develop systems and applications, I guess I am just amazed at myself for wanting to do this. THANK YOU BLOGGER!

So my kids are at VillageFest, B will probably be there all day, J will be back and forth. First, J has no money and didn't ask for any, so he will definitely be back. I took B and bought his all day wristband, he didn't want any money for food, probably because his shorts don't have pockets and he didn't want to carry it. He even gave me his phone to bring home. He said he'll use someone else's when he's ready to come home. He can walk home, its not far at all, he's just a little lazy.

So the would-be murderer/novelist them is starting to grow on me, I've been thinking about it alot. Thinking doesn't get me anywhere though, I should be carrying my notebook with me instead of a book to read when I go sit at the quiet bar. I think its called motivation (or fear). Maybe I don't want to be rejected. I'll get there, I know I will, I'm closer than I ever was before. Hey, I'm blogging, that's a start. And I am going to take part in NaBloPoMo, if I can accomplish that, I will feel very good.

And its officially hunting season, which means my husband will be gone alot. Then I won't feel so guilty for doing nothing. Not that writing and reading are nothing, but according to him, at the moment he doesn't know what I am planning, they are not getting anything done.

Someday, it will surprise him. Matter of fact, about a week ago, he asked me why I didn't just write a book instead of reading all the time. I told him I was planning on it and I think it caught him a little off guard. Maybe he didn't know whether or not I was serious, so he dropped the subject. Go me!

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