Saturday, November 7, 2009

more Sesame Street

Here is today's Google page header:

I absolutely adore Oscar the Grouch. He was more realistic to me than most of the others. Wow, what is that saying about me?

So my hubby left Thursday to go hunting. He will be back tomorrow. Then I got an unexpected surprise in my ex calling and saying he would take the boys this weekend since he couldn't last weekend. I am totally alone.

It rocks!

Last night was awesome. Yeah, you think I partied it up, but you would be wrong.

I went and had some beers around dinner time. I was home at 8:00pm. I did nothing. I watched a couple episodes of Law and Order and was in bed watching TV by 10:00pm.

It was soooo awesome. One more night to go and then everyone comes home.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Haven't had this in a long time.

How's your day?

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