Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Murder in Ashburn

Seriously, you should be scared. I am addicted to murder books. Horror, mystery, death, sex, detective books. I cannot get enough murder. I go to the library about once a week and after returning my 4 or 5 books from last week, exit with 4 or 5 more.

Do I have issues? Am I secretly a murderer? Was I in a previous life? (and no, I haven't decided whether I believe in that shit.)

Everybody jokes that I am brushing up on how to kill my hubby. I even respond with that answer now. Someone will ask me what I'm reading (especially since it is usually a different book from the previous day) and I say "murder". And they laugh and say something like "are you learning how to kill hubby? And then they laugh again, thinking that what they just said was so innovative and different.

Whatever. I like reading about murder. Is that so wrong?

What do you read? Or don't you? Or can't you? Right, that's why you are reading a blog (or not as is the case with my blog, I am the only one that reads this).

Have a terrific Tuesday.

And now that I have you wondering, maybe you should stay away from me or at least get on my good side.

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