Thursday, May 7, 2009


5:30am, this morning, I am up, pouring my 1 very large travel cup of coffee, and wham! She comes bounding down the stairs and jumps (or slams) into my legs. It's frickin' 5:30am! What is she doing up? There are lots of times she is up. She starts scratching at the door from within J's room and it wakes him up, so he cracks the door so she can escape.

Yes, he cracked his door this morning, but why all the energy? Usually she will just slink down the stairs and peek around the corner and then, maybe, come rub my legs and whine at me to be picked up.

Sorry for the fuzziness, that's what happens on a cell phone sometimes. And she looks kinda spooky.

But not today, a bundle full of energy. Guess that means she will be sleeping all day long (which is not out of the ordinary anyhow).

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