Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Middle School

Boys will be boys. My boys (ages 15 and 12 - the ones at home) do nothing but pick on each other or mess around together. As most teen/tween brothers do. So this carried over to Middle School for B. (J is in high school) B and his friend were messing around in the locker room while they were getting dressed for P.E. B was taking his friend's agenda and hiding it behind his back and this escalated to a little bit of pushing and B managed to hit his friend down there. Yes, in his private parts. Yes, in other words in his nuts. B told the Dean that it was an accident, but she has been trying to crack down on the boys for messing around in the locker room, and thus, B has after-school detention for 2 days. (Now that I think about it, I forgot to ask if the other boy does also.)

I have absolutely no beef with this, if it is deserved, then he shall serve his punishment. Is it wrong to not think your child is the most well-behaved, smartest, bestest kid in the world who can do no wrong? I don't think so. Sometimes reality needs to step in and in this case, I think they both deserved after-school detention. I'm just a realist at times.

Don't you agree?

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