Wednesday, May 13, 2009

F My Life Wednesday

Gotta hurry and do this, have to get to my lovely training class.

Complements of F My Life. (oooh they have illustrated ones now)

"Today, a seven year old randomly came up to me and told me to fuck myself. I told her to watch her language or else I'd tell her parents. Her mom happened to be nearby and actually heard this conversation, she came up to me and told me to fuck myself as well. FML"

How pathetic is that? Her mother should be shot or at least have her mouth washed out with soap.

That's today's parenting. Okay, I can't just say that across the board, it's not all parenting. Still it is very pathetic.

So my hubby left yesterday for turkey hunting. YEAH!!!! Mini vacation for me. Sometimes people need alone time and this is one of those times. I get to watch my Penguins beat the Crapitals tonight in closing out the series and moving on to the next round, and I get to watch it in peace.


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