Monday, February 9, 2009

So I have a friend, we used to hang out all the time, then I started dating my now husband and she had to move away. No too far, but a good hour which makes for difficult visits (especially since she hates and sometimes fears, to drive.

Well the worst possible thing happened to them. She and her ex have 5 children and 3 weeks ago 2 of the boys (22 and 20) were walking to their dad's 2nd home in Slippery Rock from being out with friends at a bar and they were hit from behind by a drunk driver. The 22 year old managed to call his dad from his cell phone. They were rushed to the hospital. The 22 year old was released with stitches on his face and a concussion and some big (and painful) bruises. The 20 year old is now at his 3rd hospital, John Hopkins, the best there is. He is, essentially not here, but there sure is a lot of hope. Little things keep seem to be improving. He had surgery a couple of days ago to reattach his skull to his spinal cord (that's how bad it is) and came through that great. He no longer has to wear a restraint on his head and shoulders to hold everything together. But, even though things seem to look up at times, this has to be the hardest thing any parent, sibling, relation, or friend could ever go through. Not to mention how he may feel or what he may think (if he really is). It is so sad. Everytime I read the website for updates or guestbook entries I just tear up. What a senseless tragedy. My heart and my prayers are constantly with him and his family.

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