Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What to do, what to do, what to do. I'll be taking my ITIL v3 Foundations certification next week. That's a pretty good certification to have now a days. Though it is pretty dry stuff.

My youngest son's basketball team are 2 games ahead of everyone else with 1 game to play, so they won the season championship. Coach cut practice short last night and took them all to Potbelly's for milkshakes. Its so cool to see all the kids letting their hair down. A couple of them got up and pretended to do Karaoke, no music was on, but the microphone and little stage were set up. Normally, these shy kids wouldn't have anything to do with getting up in front of people. There were only about 2 other people in the restaurant at the time, though.

So my Pitt Panthers are #1 again! Did I mention that yesterday? That's just too cool. Having never, ever been #1 and they do it twice this season. Let's see if they can hang on through the rest of the season.

Have a great Tuesday!

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