Sunday, March 8, 2009

CHAMPIONS! Yes, my son's bball team won the regular AND yesterday, won the tournament. B was ecstatic and it was a rough game. But in the end, they stayed ahead and won the championship. Way to go Cavs!

In addition, how 'bout them Pitt Panthers?!?!?! They routed UConn yesterday (again beating the #1 team) and had better be in the #1 spot to close the regular season. WAY TO GO PITT!

Today is the last regular season bball game for my son J. His team is currently in first, though if they lose, someone said they would be 2nd. I don't think so, I think they will be tied for 1st and get 1st based on the head-to-head. We'll see. How about if we just win today and not make anyone think. His tournament starts this week. Go Spurs!

Have a good end of the weekend, I am.

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