Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last day of work for the week (and a 1/2 day at that)!

drumroll's word of the day is Hubris and means overbearing pride or presumption.

okay, so a co-worker (a federal worker), someone who is a complete idiot (for real, total complete idiot) that always gets my ire up just asked me a question regarding a function I had turned over to her (since I'm leaving). That would be fine if I didn't already sit down with her 2 times (with the bosses as witnesses) and explain the whole process and where everything was AND wrote her a step-by-step cheat sheet! My kids could do this piece of crap function. And in our meetings, we even went over the cheat sheet, line by line, and when she asked me that question today, I said "have you read my cheat sheet?" and she had the nerve to say "no". She is a very good reason why I am thrilled to be getting out of here. I have absolutely no use for idiots.

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