Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today is Wednesday and I can't wait until it is over. Reality is I can't wait until the election is over, I am tired of the debates, I am tired of the commercials, I am tired of the mudslinging, I am tired of the surveys, and I am tired of the political crap taking over my shows' timeslots. Once again, another week missing some shows: no Private Practice and no Dirty Sexy Money. How many days until election day? 20 days and maybe then we can get back (or get started) on some semblance of normalcy. Though, that thought in and of itself is way up in the air and has to depend on the outcome of election day. There has to be a better way.

Today's Word of the Day is Waylay. It means: 1. to lie in wait for and attack from ambush, 2. to approach or stop (someone) unexpectedly. As a teacher would say, "how would you use this word in a sentence?".

Uh oh, my cell phone is ringing (I'm at work), okay my cell phone is vibrating, it is the call I have been waiting for. Wait, it is vibrating again. Please just leave me a good message and I will go outside and call you back. Please, Please, Please, be good.

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