Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our realtor called when I got home from work yesterday. The gentleman who looked at our house on Friday afternoon went and put a contract down on it that night. D was trying to stall getting the contract to us to sign at least until the weekend was over. We did have 3 others visit the house on Saturday. I think he was trying to push competition. Any how, we signed the contract last night and now it is in the bank's hands. I'm not holding my breath, this is the second contract that has been put down on our house since it has been listed.

Wow, got home, opened the mail, and there were J's interims. I already had B's. So, J has 1 solid A, 2 B's that are 1 point away from an A, and 1 C that is 2 points away from a B in his core classes. He has never done this well, I am thrilled and you can tell he was pretty proud of himself too when I was gushing over him. B had 3 A's and 2 B's in his core classes, again, has never done that well. And these are 2 boys who just moved up into High School and Middle School. Yeah! Go kids!

Hubby leaves for the woods tomorrow, probably pretty early, way before I get home from work. That's cool, this is what he loves to do and if doing this makes him not so grumpy, go for it.

Have a nice Tuesday morning.

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