Saturday, October 4, 2008

So I have to be out of my house between 1:30 and 4:30 today for 2 realtors who want to show our house. Our house is such a disaster, it is cluttered to the max. My husband is a huge slob who just leaves everything laying around. I think in the 4 years that we've lived here, I've been able to use my kitchen table maybe 3 times. It is constantly covered with his work stuff, his hunting stuff, his fishing stuff, everything. The next house, there will definitely be ground rules established in the beginning.

Sitting here at the computer (in my husband's messy cluttered office), looking out the windows, what a gorgeous day. Not too cool, I have on shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt (Steelers of course), the sun is shining, it is absolutely fabulous out. This is a perfect Fall day. Oh yeah, and my husband is hunting; it is opening bow day, and my boys are at the their dad's this weekend. So, yes, an absolutely perfect Fall day!

Today is October 4th and I've managed to write in my blog everyday this month for NaBloPoMo, I am very proud of myself. I know, only 4 days in, but still, I think its great. I'm pretty sure that I can make it the whole month, I know I will definitely try, and that would be an accomplishment.

Vote: still the theme of the month. I can't wait until the election is over, I am so tired of the blaming back and forth, JUST DO YOUR JOB.

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