Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Metro train collision

If you live in the metro area of Washington, DC you, know doubt, have heard about the horrific collision of 2 metro trains. The pictures are horrible and I couldn't imagine what it must feel like to have been on one of those trains.

The farther you were away from the impact area might not have been extremely bad, but did you actually know what was going on?

Why didn't the driver see the train ahead of her? What could she have possible been doing? I imagine you may get a little sidetracked since the trains are mainly automatic, but still, didn't she look up at all? Did she not know how to manually stop the train?

Absolutely horrible.

My dad only heard about the crash this morning (he lives in Pittsburgh) and called me first thing this morning to check on me. He was a bit worried.

When I did ride metro, I rode the Orange line so it wouldn't have affected me anyhow, but I should have realized that it may have jolted them hearing about a crash, especially since they don't know the metro system at all down here. I should have called them last night. I'll have to remember that regarding major happenings in our Virginia / DC area.

Sorry to start out Tuesday on such a bleak note, but I felt it necessary to express my sorrow for those involved in this devastating tragedy.

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