Monday, June 22, 2009

Moody Monday

No, I'm not moody today (at least not yet).

There are some Monday's where I get very moody and cranky and all in a funk. However, today I am pretty good.

Hubby is not working today. He took the little boat and went to Burke Lake this morning. I forget what is after today, but he had to be there at the crack of dawn, according to him. That's when this type of fish is supposedly biting. Whatever.

I am so glad that this year of school is over. For J. He comes home on Friday with a "Textbook Deficiency Report". His pain-in-the-ass Spanish teacher says that J broke the cover of his Spanish book. (This jerk has been all over J all year.)

Of course, I asked J about it and he said the cover was messed up near the top where it had a tear in it, but it wasn't "broken".

So, I'm calling the school and I want to see the book. I have every right to request this. I am not sending in $48 for a new book on this jerk's word alone. That's alot of money for a school book.

Seriously, I have had it out with this "teacher". J's Assistant Principal has been involved with this dude. Supposedly, the teacher has issues with alot of kids. I'm sure the kids are always wrong too. Jerk!

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