Wednesday, July 29, 2009

F My Life Wednesday (yes it's a weekly thing)

Hmmm, wonder whether or not I'll be able to access the site on my computer this week? Or will I have to get there on my bberry? Let's find out.

Shit head.

"Today, I went to the grocery store. My checker was very hot. When it came time for me to pay, I swiped my debit card & the machine kept rejecting it. Sure that I had money in my account, I did it again, before the cute checker informed me that I was swiping my driver's license, not my debit card. FML." credit to F My Life.

That's kind of cute, something a normal person would do. I imagine they got a little flustered or were trying to be cool and just grabbed a similar card. I've come close to doing something like that.

"On ice or grass we'll kick your ass"

I love that slogan. Go Pittsburgh!

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