Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time again for F My Life Wednesday

Kudos to F My Life.

Or not. WTF! Now that site is banned at work. I absolutely hate the fact that anything that could remotely have a word with s+e+x or f+u+c+k or h+o+r+n+y or what ever, gets banned at work.

Seriously, what the hell? I can get around it. I do have a cell phone. With internet access. And a blackberry. With internet access.

Ha! Hold me back, I think not. Now I have to go load it up via another device. You suck!

"Today, I came home about two hours early from a friend's party. After I walked in and upstairs, I quickly and quietly left and went back to the party. I guess my parents decided to have a little party as well. It's called a threesome with my neighbor. They still don't know that I know. FML."

So there, take that work. Ha Ha Ha.

Oh well, have a nice Wednesday.

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