Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunshine in the city

We have had pretty darn nice weather lately. Especially considering it is summer, it is the DC metro area, and we have global warming to contend with. Keep up the good work Mother Nature!

All in all, the weekend turned out pretty good.

Yesterday, we got up at 3 frickin' 30. Yes, in the a.m. We took the boat down to Burke Lake and hubby fished. He didn't get many hits, so we decided to leave. I guess this would have been about 10ish. The sun hadn't even really been out yet.

From there we went a little further and put the boat in at Occuquan Regional Park.

I had my fold-up chair sitting at the front of the boat (no hard boat seats for me), had my book in hand, and off we went.

I have to get the pictures off of my camera, but it was lovely. I finally got a tan going (I'm usually close to black by this time of the summer). It was just flat out a great day.

Thanks for asking.

Oh yeah, and my boys are back home from the week at their dad's. I'm glad they're back.

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