Monday, April 13, 2009

All Hail Monday

Whatever. Its the start of my compressed work schedule, I know in reality it is only 1/2 hour longer (since I was coming in at 7 every day anyhow), but come 4:00, 4:30 is going to seem like a mile away. I know that its just all in the head, but it definitely will be all in the head. That's okay, come Friday, I won't even remember how hard it was to get there.

So my Penguins (Pittsburgh) are in the playoffs again. Maybe, hopefully, probably? we can get back to the cup finals and not lose it this year in straight games. Evgeni Malken won the Hart trophy (I think its the Hart). He had the most points in the league, hahahaha, beat out yucky Ovechken. (naa naa na naa naa)

Well this weekend was an okay weekend, got some things accomplished, visited my hubby's sister and family to see his grandmother. She is 97 years old, looking a little frail, but still hanging in there. Probably the last time she will come down from New York, yes, she is still traveling every couple of months to visit family here in Virginia from New York. Well, I'm thinking its time that family starts traveling to New York. She can't handle doing this anymore.

And Happy belated Easter, though it is Easter Monday. The kids are off of school, it is a teacher workday. But back to the grind tomorrow.

Have a great week!

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