Saturday, April 25, 2009


Tough game today. At the moment it is tied. What is cool is that the crappy Fliers were up 3-0 and we came back and tied it. We actually should be winning, but it just didn't go. One period to go, GO PENS!

Last night's block party was a success. Everyone parked themselves in my neighbor's driveway. Chairs, tables, grill, everything. It was a lot of fun and yes, most of us were wasted before the night was over. What it did do was keep us from the bar, which meant no money wasted. Everyone made or bought things to bring, which was much, much less than the money that would have been spent at the bar. We are thinking of doing this more often. Its so cool to just get all the neighbors to let down their hair. And the kids have a ball. We are thinking of doing this for 4th of July, out in the middle of the circle, and blocking the street down at the end.

It is 96 degrees outside right now, how is this spring? Our spring always seem to last about 3 days and all of a sudden it's summer. Oh well.

Have a great Saturday!


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