Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is a rainy, dreary Tuesday. I don't really mind it that much, especially since I am at work and #2 son did mow both the front and back yards yesterday. And it was done before I got home from work. Will wonders never cease? Go grass!

So I continued spending my bit of play money from the tax man. Last night I took the boys to Best Buy and B got his iPod Touch (now we all have one), J got a couple of games for his XBox 360, and.......I got a laptop. Its a Dell Studio, Midnight Blue, Wifi, Vista, webcam, etc. It is a great laptop for home and so easy to use since I don't have to hook it up anywhere. Yes, another toy, I admit, I'm spoiled sometimes. And so are my boys.

So what new toys have you bought recently?

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