Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So I started my new job yesterday, it was a long short day. All morning was orientation. They finally figured out where I was then supposed to go (my office) and I read some more. After a while my 2 co-workers and I went out to lunch. Came back and read some more, filled out some more forms and went home at 3:00 (hence the short part). This will be good, it feels fabulous being back in safety and can't wait to see the first paycheck.

And today is Veteran's Day, so I am off. What perks!

I haven't done word of the day in a few days, I'll get back to it a little later. One child is off to school, the other is eating waffles, I'm going to get a shower and then....I think I am going gambling. My husband will be working hard all day trying to finish 2 jobs so he can leave for hunting tomorrow. If he doesn't finish, he may not leave until Thursday. Noooooo, please leave tomorrow, I need some peace. Okay, I pick on him alot, I know. He is just so opinionated and gets mad at the tiniest little things, he needs to buy some patience. I will admit he has calmed down alot since I met him, but still. Oh well, it is what it is.

Have a great day and one of these days I really am going to change and fix my template.


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