Monday, November 3, 2008

Word of the Day

Okay, before I get to the Word of the Days (for the past 3 days), let me just remind you, in case you forgot, that I only have until Wednesday in this fair land of HUD. Do you think I am excited?

Friday's Word of the Day - Gloaming, means Twilight; dusk.

Saturday's Word of the Day - Abate - 1. to make or become less in force or intensity; decrease or diminish, 2. to be at an end; become null and void, 3. to deduct from something; reduce.

Sunday's Word of the Day - Addle - 1. to make or become muddled or confused, 2. to make or become rotten or putrid.

And Today's Word of the Day is Aquiline - 1. curved like an eagle's beak, 2. of or like an eagle.

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